Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Happy 18th Birthday, Ashley!

My daughter, Ashley, turned 18 on May 20th.  She wanted to have a party because she hadn't really had one since she was 13.  She wanted the theme to be black and white.  She is also a big fan of damask print.  We made her invites postcard style.  I also made a sign for the front yard and the front door.  She wanted lots of feathers, crystals and candles so we got flameless candles because of all the feathers.  She also displayed photos of herself through the years because this was a milestone birthday for her.  We had a custom cake designed by a local cake baker named Crystal Pava.  Her website is  She also set up her yearbook on a table for her friends that she doesn't see every day.That way, they had an opportunity to sign her book.  It was a small crowd but they had a great time.  I probably won't be throwing Ashley a party again until she gets engaged or married, so, enjoy!  If you have any questions on any of the crafts in the photos, contact me and I'll be happy to share.  Thanks for looking!

Hello Campers!

Yes, I know you aren't campers but it just sounded like a fun thing to say seeing as how it is summertime and camp is in session.  So much happening, so little time.  The store that I work with has been in a state of flux as the old owners sold it.  It was going to close but our wonderful manager, Melissa has now become part owner with Melody.  This is an exciting new venture for her and an exhausting one.  I think they will make the store even better than it is now.  They have lots of ideas and they have my full support.  Love you, Gals!
Melissa and I at the Christmas in July Crop 2010

Other stuff going on since I last posted mostly involved my daughter Ashley.  Ashley is/was a senior this year.  There was prom, glee group performances, West Side Story and Graduation and her 18th birthday.  Very busy girl which makes me a very busy mom because I have to be there to catalog all these moments.  I'm back to crafting and am working on a scrapbook for Ashley to take to college with her.  Of course, I have to do it twice because I want a copy too!  It will be just of her senior year will probably be 50 plus pages, I'm sure, by the time I'm done.  She had so much going on and being the photo bug that I am, know. 

First page of Ashley's senior album

My son William was busy too with scouts and school but not the extent Ashley was.  Right now he is planning a birthday celebration for our dog Scottie who turns 10 this Friday.  William thinks it's funny because he is also 10, so they'll be 10 together for a time.  I'm making the dog a dog birthday cake and Will wants to get him presents.  Big deal, sincerely.  But he's so darn cute, how can you resist?

I will add more once I get some more pages done, I will share with you.  Anyone with a high school Senior knows the deal and I would love to share my ideas with you.  In a separate post, I will put all the pictures of Ashley's 18th birthday party.  It was great fun putting it together!