Monday, August 16, 2010

What do you believe happened????

I don't know if it's fate, or karma, or a higher power but something unexplainable happened to me last week. I only thank goodness that my son was my witness because if I had to explain that it was something that only I witnessed, people would probably be calling me crazy. I'll do my best to goes:

Last week, I took a phone call from a woman looking to do a memorial/tribute scrapbook because her husband has just passed away. She asked if the store took on projects like that. I told her no, but that I do it personally so I got her number and we made a plan to meet and discuss her project. I met with her last Thursday. Her husband's funeral was only a week prior so she still had all her pictures out to go through. During our visit, I was overcome with sadness for this poor woman. Her and her husband had only been married for 26 years and she misses him so terribly, it was just written on her face. She said that since he loved to fish, they were going to have "Gone fishing" put on his gravestone. She then began to cry. She said if she just told herself he had gone fishing and that's where he was, it made it more bearable for her. I reached out and hugged this woman. This woman, whom I never met before, who just needed a shoulder and she allowed me to hug her. I also got misty but she snapped out of it, so we continued discussing the book. You have to admire someone for finding the ability to go on when part of your life has been irrevocably shattered.

So, that's the back story. Well, that same night, Will and I were out walking the dog, like we always do after dinner. During that time, we check the mail. I still can't explain what happened. I put the key in the mailbox and William told me to wait. He wanted to check the mail for me. I put the key in, took my hand away, and before William could do anything, the key TURNED BY ITSELF! IKID YOU NOT! If William hadn't been standing there and witnessed the same thing, I would say I'm crazy. William looked at the mailbox, looked at me and said, "Did you see that?" Yeah. I checked the box, which was empty and we walked, fast, home. On the way, William kept asking me, "Did you believe what we just saw?" I couldn't, it was too weird, too movie-like to believe it could be true.

Now, I am a Christian (Catholic) and I believe that somehow, this woman's husband was letting me know, that he appreciated me being there for his wife and doing this project for her. In thinking about the project, I just said a little prayer. I said, she's going to love the book and I will make you proud. I just have such a good feeling about this project now, like it's been blessed or something. I know that probably sounds creepy or weird, but it's true.

I also have a friend whose husband is a mailman and he said there aren't any springs in these locks for the key to just turn by itself. Things that make you go......hmmmmmmmm..............


  1. That is a nice thought..."Gone Fishing"...I'm sure you will do a great job of honoring him with the book.

  2. I love this story and I have witnessed so many things throughtout my life similar to this. Wonderful, isn't it. Goodluck as you continue this special project! Also, thank you for visiting my Paper Parfait blog and commenting. I haven't posted anything recently, although I have a lot to add. I am new to blogging and I see that my address is actually wrong and I haven't been able to fix it. Wouldn't be a problem except that no one can find the blog! Any ideas as to how to fix?

  3. I just found your blog and I LOVE this story. What a wonderful thing for you and your son to have witnessed. This story was so meaningful to me because of some of the things I have witnessed in my life and my own father's passing two years ago. You are doing a wonderful thing for this grieving woman!