Monday, August 16, 2010

Mr. Dragonfly

Hanging outside this past Saturday, William came inside all excited and said that a dragonfly has landed on his finger and just sat there. When he went to come and get me it flew away. I told him dragonflies will do that. About an hour later, Will and I went out in the pool. He said the dragonfly was still hanging around. We started looking at it. When we got close to it sitting on the plant, it didn't move to fly away. I told William to watch it while I went to get my camera. When I got back, it was still sitting there and William was talking to it, trying to coax it onto his finger.

The dragonfly wouldn't go on his finger again but didn't fly away either. William felt sorry for it because his wings looked like they had been through the ringer. Then William asked me what dragonflies eat. I told him I wasn't sure. He asked if it would eat a Cheez-it. I told him I didn't know. He asked if I would go in the house and get him one, just so he could see.

Here he's trying to coax the dragonfly onto the Cheez-it.

Here the dragonfly is crawling onto the Cheez-it.

And what do you know, he got the dragonfly on the Cheez-it. The dragonfly sat there for a few and then took off. It didn't go near the Cheez-it again, but as Will and I were in the pool, Mr. Dragonfly kept us company. He would flit from plant to plant or sit on the cool decking in the shade.
Now, this goes back to the tribute book I'm making because the man that the book is about was an avid fisherman. It just seems symbolic because I'm doing this book, then the thing with the mailbox and now this dragonfly hanging around my house. All coincidence, probably, but it makes you wonder........

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  1. Love these pictures! And the story that goes with. Precious photo of William at the end with the dragonfly! Thanks also for the comment and for visiting my Paper Parfait blog!