Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Gilbert High Swim & Dive Fundraiser

So, before the school year even started, I hatched this idea for a fundraiser for my daughter's swim (dive) team. We had been doing a lot of board books at the store and I thought how cool would it be to have a souvenir book for the team. The even cooler thing was these could be used as a fundraiser for the team. I was so excited to share this idea. When the first parent meeting of the season was upon us, I took my sample and hoped I would get a good response. The response was more than I could have imagined! The parents, especially the mom's, were very receptive to the idea. They also asked if I could so some for other sports. YES!

Something even cooler than this happened. At the first meet of the season, I asked our head Booster Club mom if I could put the books out on the concession table. She said sure, no problem. At the end of the meet, she said I didn't get any more orders, BUT, moms from the opposing team wondered if they could get a book done in their colors! Of course! I would even give some of the proceeds back to that respective team!

This has been an exciting adventure! Every day I am in awe at watching it unfold. My horoscope for my birthday (9/4) said I was a lucky person. The actual horoscope for the day said this, " The sages say not to live in the past, and yet it is a fun place to visit now. (Eeee!) There are riches to be mined there." Mmmmm, sounds scrapbook-esk, no?

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