Monday, September 13, 2010

My Reward

EEEEEE!!!! This is why I do what I do! I had done an anniversary book for this woman's Jan's parents. I think I showed examples of her parents book in an early entry. Anyway, I delivered the book in July and her parents anniversary wasn't until August. I sent her a card asking if she wouldn't mind letting me know how they liked it. This is what I got in the mail today and I am over the moon!

It reads "Dear Joanie, Thank you for your note - Yes, I am feeling well rested. Our new little guy is such a good baby. We are enjoying him so much. My parent's anniversary was August 30th. They loved the book. The funny part is that because I had their pictures so long, they forgot I had them, which made it even more special. My mom especially liked all the personal touches, like the copied handwriting from the backs of the pictures and the tabs she could use to make her own notes. My whole family was here for the celebration, and we all enjoyed the memories together. Thank you again! Jan"

Maybe I'm just a big dork, but this card made me so happy! I love that she and her family, as well as her parents, all enjoyed the book together and reminisced about the photos.


  1. That is sooo cool... wish I could have seen it before you gave it to them... you are so creative!

    Have a good night :0)