Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Heeelllloooo! Happy (almost) 2011!

Wow! This was a busy holiday season. Made alot of homemade gifts for everyone from family to friends to teachers. It was a wonderful Christmas. Now, just waiting on the new year but no need to rush. Things are calming down and that's always a nice change.

Well, now to share some of the items I made for Christmas.

First, I'll show you the SLEDDING book I made my dad. He took us sledding when we visited Wisconsin last year. He enjoyed it very much and said I made him cry! Awwww!

I also made him and his wife a 25th anniversary frame. I incorporated the colors from their wedding and put pictures of them from then and now.
I also made ornaments this year for my brother and his wife and daughter. I started this tradition last year. I also gave them a small white tree for them to hang their new ornaments on.

For my son's teacher, I made her a little house that is Christmas themed. I covered it with scrapbook paper, paint and glitter. I used cotton batting to make the smoke come out of the chimney. Then, I took little stocking buttons and wrote each family members name on it. Add a flameless tea light and you have yourself a little decor house to add to your collection.

Then, for my daughter's Glee group, she was making each of them a cookie package. She wanted to add a token gift for each of them. I suggested ornaments. Heck, why not, right? Well, she designed the logo, then we made the girls glittery ones and the boys were more manly without glitter. They all loved them! But I think we enjoyed making them more! Heehee!

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  1. Where did you find the time to make all theses wonderful projects? I love the Sledding album