Sunday, February 6, 2011

Holy Snot! It's February!

I totally missed January. Wow! Well, it's not that I haven't been busy. Lot's of crafting going on and little time to talk about it. Here's what I need to catch you up on:

At the beginning of November, I finished the tribute book for my customer Kim. She's the wonderful woman who lost her husband this past August, wasn't a scrapbooker and was looking for someone to preserve the fondest memories of her and her husband. As she looked through the book, of course, she started crying and saying how wonderful it was. It made me happy I could do this for her. I was excited for her to share it with her sons because the holidays were coming up. Two of her sons live in other states. I finally heard from her in email. This is what she said:

"I want to thank you again for the wonderful tribute book you made for my husband. My sons also had tears when they looked through it. Thank you especially for taking the time to capture my husband's personality and his love of his family. We love each page and how it was dedicated to who he was. It will be treasure forever. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving."

Awww, it made me tear up. I loved that her grown sons loved the book as well. It made it all worth while.
I did share with Kim the dragonfly story about my son. She said one of her sons has a tattoo and she isn't happy about it but she would never share with him how she thought it looked cool. She also was thinking of getting a tattoo herself even though she would never go through with it because she's not the type. But, she did share that if she ever did entertain the idea, a dragonfly is what she would get. Isn't that a scream!? How the dragonfly brought that all together!? I LOVE it!

So, you can see here a couple of my favorite pages from that album.

In January, I got another scrapbook job. This one was for a woman named Carol, whose daughter, who lives in Seattle, was about to give birth to her first grandbaby. She wanted to do an album of some of the highlights from when her daughter was a baby through college graduation. Her daughter is a writer and she wanted to incorporate some of the things her daughter made for her while she was little. It was very inspiring to work art projects and journal writings into the pages. The album was to be surprise for her daughter's birthday. She said she would need it in a months time. I thought, ok, this is doable. When I met with her though, her daughter had just given birth that morning and she was going to go see her in TWO weeks and wanted to take the book with her. TWO WEEKS! Yikes! Well, it has been said, that most of us do our best work under the gun, that is no joke! With the extra off days I already had planned, I was able to make it happen. She loved the book and couldn't wait for her daughter to see it! I asked her if she would send me an email when she got back so I could hear how her daughter liked it. She said she would take a picture of her daughter looking through the book and send it to me. I think she's due back in a month or so. She's gotta spoil that grandbaby, ya know! I'll keep you posted when I get it. Below are some of my favorites from that album.

This last picture of Carol when she was little and picture of her daughter. The mother's quote is makes it even more special being that her daughter just became a mother herself.

But below is my absolute favorite page. I'm upset though because I didn't realize that the actual picture turned out blurred. What I enjoyed about putting this one together was popping up the books with chipboard and foam squares to make the books stand out. I had fun!

Thanks for looking and taking the time to read this long post. Next week, I get to go to scrapbook with my girlfirends for twelve hours! And even more shocking? I get to work on my own family's pages! Haha!

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  1. You have been a busy girl Joanie! The book you designed are gorgeous