Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Hello Friends!

I've been a busy gal this summer.  With all the planning for my oldest to be going off to college soon, I've had time for a few projects here and there.  First off is this memo board that my daughter wanted me to make her.  She's moving into the dorm and wanted an awesome memo board to display messages and stuff.  I wanted to make it school colors but she thought that was lame.  She wanted it to be black because her decor is black, white and a little pink.  Well, I can't make anything without adding something sparkly to it.  I mean, come on a basic black board isn't going to cut it with me.  She might as well go to Wally and get something blah!  Haha!  I used Tim Holtz buttons and put magnets on the backs. She likes the vintage look of the board. So, here are pictures of how her board turned out.  She can't wait to hang it in her room!

Also, for the end of the school year, I made some cards. Some of them I sold in the boutique at the Scrapbook Barn. Others I just gave to friends or teachers as a good bye to the school year and thanks for a job well done.

Next, were some birthday and anniversary cards I made.  One of the cards, you'll notice, is distress and the paper is slightly ripped.  When my mom received this card in the mail, she said she thought the card was lovely but that the post office had mishandled the card.  I asked why.  She said it must have gotten caught in the machine or something because it looked like the card was chewed up!  I said, MOM, it's suppose to look that way, because that is the way I made it."  We laughed for a good five minutes over that one!

Lastly, my sweet, sweet Grandmother Bea passed away a week ago.  She was a great lover of animals.  She was known to some as the bird lady because she bred and raised birds in her home.  When she passed I thought it was only fitting to send condolences with bird themes on them.  The paper that I used is from My Mind's Eye, Graphic 45 and Webster's pages.
So, again, that is some of what I've been up to.  I'm also doing swim books again for the GHS Tigers even though Ashley is no longer there.  The President of the parent boosters loved the book and wanted me to come back to sell them again this year.  I give part of the proceeds back to the team to help their fundraising.  It's going to be a very busy holiday season.  I'll try to do better with my posts.  Until next time......

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