Monday, April 16, 2012

Crayon Art

I know alot of my friends are on Pinterest.  This is the latest craze sweeping the land by way of sharing ideas among other things.  While planning Christmas presents, since we love to make hand made gifts, my daughter wanted to try the crayon art.  This is where you melt the crayons to the canvas and create a picture with the melted wax.  She wanted to make one for her boyfriend but started by using herself as a guinne pig because in case it didn't turn out she could move on to plan B.

Ashley used my embossing heat tool for the job because it gets hotter than a hair dryer. She really had to learn how to apply the air. If she got too close to start with, it just blew the crayons right off her canvas. It was a learning process but she was pretty happy with the result. If you try this, use a craft mat under your work to catch the eventual drips of crayon from the canvas.

She finished off her work by adding a picture and some scrabble tiles. Ashley is majoring in nursing in college so that is what her canvas is about; her love of that profession and the attributes that describe that profession. She sealed it with a matte modge podge to protect the finished product. Turned out pretty good! We'll be making more of these, I'm sure.
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