Thursday, April 19, 2012

My Wreath Obsession

So, I told you that I'm on Pinterest.  Who isn't these days?  One of my favorite things to pin (once I got past all the Christmas stuff, haha) is wreaths.  I LOVE all the different wreaths out there that people make.  I take the ideas and give them my spin and I just love making them.  They are easy and fun.  The more wreath ideas I see the more it gets my creative juices flowing.  Unfortunately, with all the supplies one needs to make these wreaths, I tend to run out of room in my little craft corner quickly.  Here are some examples of the wreaths I have made. 

So, because I had made one that was fall themed, I needed to expand it to a winter theme. I made one for my friend for her birthday and one for my daughter. This way it didn't tie in with a holiday, just a season and could be displayed longer.

The latest one is, by far, my favorite. It's made with eyelash yarn and is so fuzzy and soft. The original was pinned on Pinterest and the directions were in an Asian language, be it Japanese, Chinese, Korean, I don't know, I do not speak any of those languages and wouldn't be able to tell you which one is which. The wonderful thing is that the poster took awesome step by step pictures. Hers also had a little pennant on it that read "Bare feet welcome". I have yet to incorporate this. I put a chick and some eggs on there for Easter because it's so springy and pretty. 

I'm sure my obsession is not over with.  I have found more and will continue to make and share as I go.  Thanks for looking!

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