Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Nightmare Before Christmas Crop 10/22/11

I am truly surrounded by amazingly talented women.  One of my besties, Lori, pulled this together in three days and many a late night.  The event was the Nightmare Before Christmas crop at the Scrapbook Barn where we work.  Lori is known for her work on our elementary school's play's sets (wow, that's a mouthful!).  She always comes up with the best ideas and makes them a reality.  The idea here was to have a scrapbook page in the crop space that friends could take their picture in to commenorate the crop.  Lori created the backdrop with cardboard and butcher paper!  She hung the chandeliers with fishing line and ribbon.  It's just amazing.  I was in Awe!  She'll read this and shrug her shoulders and say, "What?  It's nothing really."  No, it's something alright.  I don't know many people with her talent.  She's awesome!  Sorry, Lori, just had to let the world know. 

And it never fails, when we get together with our wonderful friend, Debbie, we start laughing until one or all of us are in tears! 
Love you, Debbie and Lori!

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  1. Joanie I am so glad you took pictures of the vignette,it is so awesome.

    LORI ROCKS!!!!