Sunday, October 30, 2011

I'm a contributing artist!

My wonderful friend, Wendy Landis and her husband Bill have this company called the Leaky Shed Studio.  They create amazing bases for us crafters to embellish on.  They use all recycled materials and are firm believers in reduce, reuse, recycle.  They acquired this business over a year ago and are have finally completed their catalog.  Here it is:
I'm so excited for them, but it gets even better!  I am in the Catalog as a contributing artist! 


Leaky Shed supplies the books I do for the swim team. Not only do I get to create these items, they've also given me other items to make samples for other schools.  The thought is to have these materials available in school bookstores so those crafty individuals have access to wonderful bases on which to create lasting keepsakes. But this is just a small piece of the puzzle.  Leaky Shed also supplies scrapbook stores too.  So, if you don't have them in your local store yet, you better check them out online or have your favorite store contact them, the link is below.  The possiblities are endless with the things you can create.  Happy Scrapping!


  1. way to go making it in to Leaky Shed's do a amazing job on the "SWIM" mini albums